Manufacturing Industry is facing tough challenges like supply chain network, environmental issues, intense competition, and rapidly changing technological environment & customer preference. The need of the time is to develop innovative products in a short time with more lifespan without compromising on quality. The requirement of data is probably the most important thing for manufacturing industry to get customer insights.

It’s not limited to quality & innovation for manufacturers, most important thing is adapting digital technology. Reducing cost & optimizing productivity are important for the industry, they can achieve that only by using the digital and technical solutions. Zeva use the latest technology to put a positive impact the industrial manufacturing.


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To overcome heavy cost & high competition, manufacturing companies should create competitive advantages throughout the product lifecycle. Our industrial solutions can make effective use of customer information, system integration and process optimization.

Our big data analytics solutions for manufacturing industry can reduce processing flaws, improve production quality, increase efficiency, and save time and cost. We offer data analytics services for custom product design, better quality assurance, supply chain management and process optimization.

IoT has great potential to make manufacturing smarter and operate with high efficiency. We provide IoT solutions for tracking, monitoring and storing manufacturing supplies. Our internet-of-things solutions can create a steep change in operational innovation & excellence.

We offer end to end waste management solutions for manufacturing companies. We leverage data to improve operational performance.

We offer end to end manufacturing consulting services which include mobility consulting, inventory management, analytics consulting, and infrastructure management consulting.


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