Offshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not a new idea, but in difficult economic times as companies offload fixed overheads, it becomes an attractive option, both operationally and strategically.

As far as software systems are concerned, the principle markets for offshore development are India and Eastern Europe.

The key benefits of offshore software development are clear: lower costs in real terms as the skills and management required to deliver a project become the responsibility of the provider. Meanwhile the client defines the requirement and expects the product to be delivered.

With any project which is delivered and managed externally, there are always going to be inherent risks as well as benefits. So the advice for anyone considering outsourcing a software project, whether in the UK, Europe or further offshore, is to minimize the risks while ensuring successful project delivery, reducing costs and realizing the competitive benefits.

Offshore Outsourcing: Local Representation

We are software systems outsourcing company with a difference. We’re based in EU and Asia, with our own development center in Bangalore, India.

That means you get all the benefits of offshore software development but with local representation in Europe. We are a mature IT organization with a track record of supplying software services and solutions to small-to-medium-sized organizations in Europe.

Our core expertise is the development of advanced software solutions that are tailored to our customers’ specific business requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure their business needs are well understood and described.

Project Start-up: While preparing for your project, our representative will typically work on-site with you. He will assist you with gathering and documenting your business requirements. If you already have well-documented requirements in place, we are equally happy to work from these.

From the description of your requirements and system features more detailed technical design specifications are developed by our Bangalore team. Again, we will of course work with any system design and architecture you may have already prepared.

Project Development: Project development happens at our Bangalore office. We will assemble a project team to match the technical requirements and complexity of your project. When delivering projects, we follow one of two possible execution models, which would be either the dedicated-team or fixed-cost model.

The dedicated-team execution model provides you with a fully-fledged development team; this model gives you ultimate flexibility and the ability to evolve the scope of your requirement as development progresses. This is contrary to the fixed-cost execution model that requires the complete scope of your project to be fixed before we start your project. The execution model will of course be discussed and agreed upon with you in advance.

Regardless of the execution model, the project team will consist of one or more application developers who are working full-time on your project. In addition, your team will have a project manager and a quality engineer assigned. The project manager and a quality engineer are handling multiple projects concurrently and they will contribute only a proportion of their time to your project.