What’s Your Carbon Footprint

We move from one place to another. From one point within a city to another. From one city to another. From one country to another. Such a movement is difficult to avoid, but did you know that such travel has a massive environmental impact?

The amount we emit is referred to as our “carbon footprint.” The bigger the footprint, the more carbon dioxide that comes from each of us as a result of the choices we make.

This article gives briefing information about my carbon foodprint concept amount of your carbon footprint indicates how much impact you have on the environment.

This wasn’t what they spent so much money on, especially with that notorious last contract. Climate change caused by excess greenhouse gases and a big carbon footprint can cause:

•   Heat waves that damage crops, stress livestock, and make life difficult for people.

•   More air pollution, which is linked to allergies, asthma, and other health problems.

•   Severe storms and flooding due to higher sea levels

•   Loss of habitat as the climate changes, particularly in arctic regions.

#  Emission Tracking Transportation being one of the largest sources of Carbon emission across the world, in the transport sector, calculation of CO2 is determined by vehicle characteristics (e.g. type of modes, fuel efficiency) and travel characteristics (e.g. travel length, travel frequency). The longer the distance and the higher fuel consumption, then the higher the emissions would be. The personal vehicle is the single greater polluter because emission from the millions of vehicles on the road adds up. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, individuals can use cleaner modes of transportation to get around, from public transit to biking and walking.

For example, it is estimated that you will produce more than 4 kg of CO2 if you travel 20 km by car or 40 km by bus, or 60 km by train filled with only a few passengers. The number of emissions that are produced would be even more substantial given the high number of populations and their need to move around.

Every Individual can help to reduce their carbon footprint by focusing on one of the major areas that generate excess carbon dioxide: Transportation. Our platform provides a chance to estimate the relative size of the carbon footprint as well as learn easy ways that can help reduce it.

We can help every individual to make a choice by showing them the calculated amount of footprint for the distance they travel with every mode of transportation.

Our platform is simpler and easier to use, it provides you a glimpse of your total estimated personal carbon emission when you make a choice on the mode of transports and also provides you an estimated amount of carbon emission on other available modes of transports.

Carbon emissions from our lifestyle choices, from transportation impact climate. This is a global problem and every individual can choose to be a part of the solution by calculating their carbon footprint and offset the emission.

Our platform provides an opportunity for every individual to calculate their carbon footprint and offset the emission today.

Tracking your emission and determining the choice you make to offset is a simple and effective way to protect the environment. For instance, if you commute daily for work with a car for a 20 km round trip, it is estimated that you will produce 1,300 kg CO2 emissions annually. The emissions will become lower if you travel by combining private cars and public buses or trains. So, let’s say from a total of 20 km round trip, you use a taxi for only 5 km and ride a train for the rest of the journey. This leads to an estimated 900 kg CO2 annually, depending on the type of car and train passengers. Finally, the number of emissions will be the lowest if you use public transport for the entire trip. Our platform will let you easily engage further on such calculations to track emissions produced from your travel and helps you to make your choice.