Solar Power Smart Bin and its Management

A comprehensive waste smart bin which charged with the help of solar power and management digital industry-leading cloud-based IoT system with software that helps to detect the dustbin is full or not and which separate dry and wet waste management and it also air Compressors which compares the waste with certain pressure based on volume.

In the world, we are facing many challenges, Waste management also one of them. this management directly impacts the environment.

To improve waste management effetely to bring digital solutions to handle this process in a structured way. interfacing the technology to track the dust bins are full or empty and prediction expected full will be tracked and monitored.

our technology helps to divide the dry and wet dustbins with AI solution helps to drive the regular dust bin to the next level. there are two types of dust bins one is existing one and the new one, our technology must suit for both type of dust bin. make smart dust bin helps to track the dustbin which is full or empty and time management of the team who comes regularly for picking and manage the dustbins saves lots of time by installing out solutions for the regular or new dust bins.

the solution helps to optimize route plan in real-time, send a notification for the team, scheduled based system, save operational logistic cost, GPS Location, and reduce carbon in the environment.